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Filling The Customer Experience Gaps With Technology Fueled Solutions

I have been writing much on enhancing the customer experience by adapting to omnichannel strategies; however, omnichannel has become more of a buzzword than a reality today. And it’s not the companies but the consumer who has swiftly made a shift to omnichannel and expects the same from the dealerships. No matter how much ever we call ourselves ‘customer first’, we are still far behind in enriching the customer experience.

We have confused the automobile consumer to be a demanding one, while all he expects is convenience and trust. In one of the global market study on automotive aftersales, Accenture put forth that 72 percent of the respondents said they are open to paying a monthly flat fee for service and maintenance. And, more than 50% said they would part with around 45 dollars per visit to not have to deal with the hassle of going to a workshop.Talking of enhancing the customer experience, the automobile industry has made rapid progress in Digital and AI, so much so that the OEM dealerships are taking enough efforts to make the car buying a cakewalk for the customers, but the focus on creating more touch points in the after sales cycle seems to have deflated.

The same study by Accenture further shared that the aftersales market would be accountable for a striking 20 percent of revenue, and roughly 50 percent of profits for OEMs in a sector valued at 479,371 million USD by the end of 2017. In the aftersales journey, the vehicle owner experiences a lot of inconveniences, right from booking an appointment till the time he gets his serviced vehicle back. In between, he encounters many setbacks of low trust, poor handling, bogus spares, non-standard rates, and the list is endless. When asked on how digital or how customer first we have become, people are talking about the online discovery platforms that they are harping on, which is absolutely wonderful. However, we are missing out on enhancing every user experience to make the consumer feel valued. To bring convenience and pure customer delight, 21North ensures that every touch point of this post-purchase life cycle is taken care of effectively.

Typically, to get his car serviced the consumer would call up the service center and follow the hassles of booking and getting the car serviced without even knowing how his vehicle is being handled. To enhance the customer experience throughout, 21North has introduced an end-to-end digital tool. In every car there is a QR sticker powered by 21North, the customer has to only scan the QR code which takes him to a page pre-filled with customer details (adding personalization), the customer then has to just enter the date and time and book the car servicing schedule. And that’s not all, We have gone ahead and added another level of convenience here by incorporating pick up and drop facility for the car, connected the end to end technology to our drivers who are impaneled with a mobile app. The customer gets to relax as they track the vehicle movement in real-time, receive notifications of their vehicle reaching the workshop, get estimates of the cost of servicing and the ability to approve the charges through a chat or a call option. The journey is completed with the final invoice, digital payment, delivery of the vehicle and digital feedback.

We have left no stone unturned in digital technology and have taken advantage of QR technology, geo-tracking, chat app technology, digital payments and much more to enhance customer experience and build a relationship of trust and convenience. Dealerships and service centers can leverage 21North’s platform and can swiftly transform this aftersales journey into a productive one. To conclude, it’s time for the dealerships and the service centres to create a frictionless aftersales journey for the consumer by addressing every interaction point the customer encounters to create a win-win for both.

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