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Benefits of pick-up & drop services, beyond after-sales

As pioneers of digital transformation in the automotive space, we believe that taking certain processes online benefits customers, OEMs, and other players in the ecosystem. 

One such service is pick-up and drop, typically used for after-sales. Here, a customer who needs to get their vehicle serviced can do so simply by selecting a time slot on their OEM app, and one of 21North’s trusted, trained Ambassadors will pick it up from home/office, do all the necessary documentation and ferry it to the service centre. This makes life not just incredibly convenient for the customer who is used to such levels of service from ecommerce, food delivery and even home repair, but also benefits the service centre (who benefits from predictability and optimised bay utilisation) and the OEM (who are able to outsource this function and benefit from increased brand loyalty from the customer). Indeed, 2020 has been a watershed year for 21North’s pick-up and drop service as contactless and convenience are the ways to go.

Beyond after-sales

However, we believe that this simple transformation has benefits beyond after-sales service offered by OEMs and think it can be pathbreaking if integrated by other services that involve mobility solutions.

Take insurance, for example. Despite automobile technology evolving, the insurance and claims process remains archaic. This leads to friction between insurance brands and customers (who are used to quick processes and resolution). A bad experience can lead to non-renewal as well as poor reviews before other potential customers. This can very easily be solved by digitising the solution: Just as in the case of after-sales, 21North’s Ambassadors can provide pick-up and drop to the garage. What’s more, we’ve built a comprehensive checklist of vehicle images & other details to make sure unnecessary back-and-forth considerably reduced. Voila, a moment of frustration can become a moment of delight for the customer, who is more likely to now renew and refer, leading to lower acquisition costs.

Car rentals are another industry that would benefit from our offering. There will be more flexibility of offerings (for eg, the client can pick up and drop off at different locations). Personnel overheads are also reduced, and it will be easy to scale up or down depending on demand (for eg, a peak during travel season, or if there is a major event, etc).

Automobile resellers will benefit from internal movement management and even customer doorstep test drives & (hopefully!) final vehicle delivery – with us managing the entire customer-facing process. Independent workshops will find their lives made predictable, with the ability to scale up business as well.

Essentially, for all these services, anything related to vehicle mobility can be offloaded to a service such as 21North. The benefits are beyond just outsourcing personnel – we have invested in building robust infrastructure that provides data security, the latest technologies, and constant training of our Ambassadors on best practices and safety (for example, in 2020, hygiene was a major theme). This allows us to optimise what we’re best at, while allowing other players in the ecosystem to focus on their own core competence – be it making cars, providing insurance, or servicing vehicles.

The auto industry in 5 years will look very different from what it is now, and we’re ready to help all players in the ecosystem embrace change and jump into the digital world!

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