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Are You Doing The Needful To Make Customers’ Car Purchase Journey Effortless?

Today, companies across sectors are catering to customers with an affinity towards technology. Customers want product information, reviews and price comparison at their fingertips. All the food delivery apps we currently use are a case in point. From live information from the time the food is ordered, to when it starts getting prepared, to when it is picked up by the delivery person to even providing the estimated time of delivery, these apps have revolutionised the food ordering experience. They have eliminated any scope of uncertainty from the customers life, giving them control over their purchase experience, and paved the way for other sectors, the automobile companies included.

Just like in retail, OEMs and other aftermarket players need to leverage technology to re-haul their services and remove any uncertainty from their customer’s car purchase journey. This is where 21North can help.

Convenience at Doorstep for effective buyer persuasion

Issue 1: Customers want to buy a car, new or used. They would also want to have a good test drive experience before buying. This process is expected to be a hassle-free and contact less service.

21North’s Solution: With digitisation and convenience being the new norm, customers would not want to go through the hassle of going to a showroom for a test drive. Booking a time-slot for the test drive and wondering about the wait time are pain points which 21North takes care of for OEMs with our test ride booking platform integrated into their app or website. With 55% respondents on a 2018 Deloitte Global Automotive Consumer Study expecting to wait the least amount of time for a test drive in a car purchasing process, OEMs stand to benefit greatly from 21North’s digital chauffer solution, where ambassadors trained in high standards of safety and hygiene, pick up the vehicle from the showroom and take it to the customer’s choice of location. Additionally, OEMs and dealers have access to invaluable customer feedback collated by 21North. Providing an end-to-end customer experience, 21North can also deliver the vehicle to the customers’ doorstep if they decide to go ahead with the purchase or arrange for another test. These services are also available for the used vehicle market.

Upselling Aftermarket Services to drive conversion

Issue 2: Customers prioritise convenience in their vehicle service experience. They don’t want to get stuck in traffic while ferrying their car to the service centre nor would they want to spend time taking care of complicated paperwork.

21North Solution: Used to quality customer service from e-commerce platforms, automobile customers are now looking towards OEMs to duplicate the model in case of vehicle servicing and repair. An Accenture research on service expectations found that 45% of drivers surveyed do not want to physically go to a workshop or dealer service, instead they want this to be seamlessly integrated into their daily lives. Furthermore, a Mckinsey survey shows that customers considered the service experience more influential than the last buying experience when purchasing their next vehicle. 21North can easily bridge this gap between automobile companies and customer expectations with its CWA QR code. With a simple scan customer inconveniences of scheduling a pick up (otherwise usually at a time suitable to the service centre), time consuming conversations with customer service representatives, and repeated download of apps which are rarely used, are taken care of. Taking a leaf out of food delivery players’ operations book, OEMs can now partner with us to facilitate the pickup and drop off of vehicles for service, connecting customers to workshops, invisibly and seamlessly. With complete control over filling information about jobs to be addressed, customers have full transparency about the cost estimate and price details. As customers are empowered to track the status of their ambassadors and vehicles in real-time, OEMs with 21North integrated into their operations, transition from a transactional service provider to building an emotional connect with their audience.

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